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Published on 5 of August 2017

New Music: Betty Bauer – Meatfactory



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published 15 of June 2017

INTERVIEW: Betty Bauer




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Betty Bauer - Meatfactory

Betty Bauer first started working as a performance artist at age of 19 on the island of Ibiza, located in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Later onshe and her partner founded the performance company “Phoenix Flame Art Productions.” To further her career and in hopes of becoming an actress/singer, she went on to attend several acclaimed acting schools in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Austria. During this time she began experiencing many sexism-rooted issues women within the arts industry.

“I have been observing the entertainment industry and western society in general, and came to a point where “enough is enough”. I needed to find an outlet for my feelings and created Meatfactory. We live in a time where people are afraid to stand out of the masses, and the industry reflects that behavior in a condensed manner. As a woman you have to be sexy and fuckable in order to be successful; and please do not have too strong of an opinion… always stay in the middle – so you are good with everyone.

Meatfactory is also a call to all the artists to unite and create something bigger – together. I also want to dissolve the lone fighter attitude that is common in this business. The market is so tough; if we unite and support each other everything would be so much easier. I believe that we are only strong in union, and this is truly how we can make magic and art happen. For this very reason I host a Blog, where artists from all over the world can express their feelings and thoughts on this topic.” –Betty Bauer