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-Actor (Manager) in Meatfactory Video- clip-

Brian Jones has been acting in Atlanta area theatre for over 15 years. This is his first video- clip though. His most recent theatrical production was as director of Staged Right Theatre company’s “A Doll’s House.”
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brian by betty bauer



-Actress (Betty’s Alter Ego) in Meatfactory Video- clip-

LaDonna Allison is an open minded SAG/AFTRA actress, writer, model, producer and activist.
LaDonna is a charismatic character, who constantly fights for the womens´ rights, especially focussed on the freedom of showing your body as it is, fighting against existing opressive beauty ideals and promoting individual beauty.
She and her husband Bill Pacer are based in Atlanta, Georgia, US, and are pretty famous in the filmscene there.
They do not only support #Meatfactory and its cause but also form part of the core-team and lead the production and shooting of the Meatfactory videoclip and shortfilm in the US.

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-producer and actor (Mephisto) in Meatfactory Video-clip-

Bill Pacer is a mature, open minded, and versatile writer and SAG/AFTRA actor. In addition, he has worked as a casting director and location scout. Bill has an unlimited perspective of life, and savors every breath and breathes boldly.

Known as Barefoot Bill Pacer due to his aversion to shoes, he strolls through life with joy and candor. He loves the stage, film, television, and modeling. Bill has a multifarious background and desire.

He yearns for variety and challenge. His work spans concepts from kids to controversial, horror to humorous, silly to sad. The quintessential character actor, his interpretations are dynamic and exciting.

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bill pacer, #meatfactory by betty bauer



– Director and producer for Meatfactory Video-clip –

Jesse Scott Bryan is a Writer, Producer, and Director, and is Partners with Jack Andres at the newly formed “In The Box Entertainment”; along with being COO at “Tatum Studios, Inc.” and Partners at “Barrington Productions, LLC”.

Starting out by filming for the Real Estate Industry (e.g. filming homes that were ready to hit the market), Jesse found himself in a position to Produce his 1st Commercial. It was this moment that he realized he had found his calling. After a stint of Acting, Producing, and Directing – Jesse and “Barrington Marson” met and immediately started working together on the movie “A Few Loose Screws” (i.e. 1st AD). That was just the beginning.

5 years later – Jesse has filmed everything from Weddings, Live Concerts, and Corporate Events, to Music Videos, Commercials, Indy Films, & even Created, Directed, and Produced a TV Pilot/Show “AMP”. Jesse is also Producing and Directing a TV Series (pre-production) “ten90” and is currently working on the reinvent of 80’s storytelling – starting with the short film “CRUZIN” (Co-writer/Producer, & Director); along with Creator, Writer, Producer, and Actor – “Jack Andrews”.

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-prop/makeup/BTS photographer for Meatfactory Video-clip-

Ace designs and/or makes hand held props, costumes and accessories for photoshoots and events. Ace has been making props for years for independent films, web series, haunted houses, bands and published LARP books.

Born Adam Cristin Eberle (A.C.E.) he uses a stage name to identify himself. In 1996, Ace was attending a native American gathering, and was playing with 2 wolf cubs another group had brought. He was told that he would from then on be known as Talking Wolf because of how the cubs seemed to understand him. Ever since then Ace utilizes “Ace Talkingwolf” as a professional name.

Ace has been a stage and screen actor (script and improv), a voice over and MC, he has even modeled for books and albums. However, he prefers to work behind the scenes. Ace is a character that loves playing villains and comedic characters.

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Emma Morgan is an actress based in Stuttgart, Germany. She is mainly working with drama, educational drama and theatrical improvisation. Emmas biggest strength is her own story, which she is using to reach out to people. On a daily routine she’s traveling to schools of southern Germany to pass on her experience through theatrical techniques. Interweaving art and autobiographical work is the practice Emma Morgan became known for.

Emma Morgan




At the beginning of her career as an actress Eva started working with an independent street theatre company, nowadays Eva looks back on over 10 years in the business. Eva has worked in several theater companies, many of them playing and performing in different languages. The Young actress has been
trained in different schools at national and international level (Cádiz, Sevilla, Lisbon, Berlin, Poland, Austria, Palermo, Barcelona).

In 2010 Eva Diez won the award to the best actress at the Almeria film festival .

Eva lives in constant fascination for life, incidents and people… Her vivid eyes perceive and appreciate details and gestures which often go unnoticed. Eva states that she finds great pleasure in capturing genuine moments, this is why she has discovered photography as another form of expression. In 2012 she won an “award for the best photography and text” with her project “desnuda” (nude). Currently Eva lives in Barcelona, where he continues training and working on her own projects.

Eva Diez for Betty Bauer #meatfactory




Erika Nieto began her career as an actress in 1999.

From then until the present time, she has continued forming herself as an actress and has acted in diverse independent theatrical productions, as well as in a variety of short films.

erika nieto for betty bauer




Ever since her acting school graduation in 2001(“Schauspiel München”), Sinikka has played in a variety of plays and theatres, mainly in lead roles.

“Due to my reserved character people tend to underestimate me, but on stage or in front of the camera my shyness is gone.

I would love to act more in film, because my biggest strenght is authentic, un-baroque acting.”

You can see Sinikkas work here:

picture credits Gila Sonderwald




Direction and camera at Sinikkas film “Show some respect!”

You can see Ingrids work here:





Bibiana Schönhöfer was born in Barcelona and is nowadays living between Barcelona and Madrid (and where there is work).

“My shout to the world is to the professionals, the directors, producers and casting directors: Start calling the unknown actors for the main roles. The gold is in front of you. The audience will see a person living and feeling.”, so Bibiana.

“ Your acting will be good when it is only yours” Sanford Meisner.

You can see Bibianas work here:

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Natalia Imbrosciano graduated from Agustin Alezzo Drama School and Ricardo Bartis in Argentina and Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York USA.

She speaks Spanish, English , French and some Italian. Natalia is not only working as an actress, but also as a director and drama teacher. She has been acting in tv, advertisement, film and theatre.

“I love teaching, acting and directing.  I give everything I have studied, known and experienced to my characters, students and theater- company: all my love, creativity, art and passion for drama!”

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-Director, writer-

Santiago Fernández Calvete is an award winning screenwriter and director with over 20 years of experience.

The Second Death, his first feature film in 2012, competed in several film festivals like Sitges, Montreal and Bafici among others. 

His second film, Intimate Witness (testigo intimo), won Best Foreign film at the 2015 Fantafestival in Rome. It was also awarded at the Blood Window WIP and was selected to open the Blood Window Galas at the 2015 Marché du Film.

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santiago fernandez calvete for #meatfactory