#meatfactory by Betty Bauer

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Meatfactory is a song, movement and project created and hosted by actress and performance artist Betty Bauer.

At the age of 19, Betty started to work as a performance artist and led a free life expressing her art on the island of Ibiza, which is located in the Mediterranean sea in Spain. Her reputation grew quickly and soon she and her partner founded the performance company “Phoenix Flame Art Productions”. After a short time, the duo gained fame and performed all over the globe. Yet Betty had bigger dreams to conquer, she wanted to become an actress and singer. So she left her company and life on her beloved island and home and started off from scratch. She visited acting schools in L.A., Berlin, and Austria, played at theaters in Austria and Germany and decided in 2016 to concentrate on her career as a film actress.

Ever since Betty left her life as a freelance artist she got confronted with difficulties that are day- to day reality not only in the entertainment, and especially film business, but also generally spoken in modern western society: Bullying, envy, oppression of women, youthism, inequality and conformity just to mention a few.

Lost in this new world Betty initially tried to fit in and to please, but she never really felt comfortable in this role of being weak and well adapted.

Until Betty one day reached a point where she decided that “enough is enough”. She found back to her strength and individuality and initiated Meatfactory.

“Meatfactory is a project where I give a voice not only to myself but also to actors and artists from all over the world. In the film business, very few people point out the reality and bad working conditions, as especially actors are afraid to not get work in the future. I want to break this chain and bring individuality back to the business. My intention is not only to change things in the industry and parts of society, but also to create a union between artist from all over the world in order to support each other as the business is too tough to stand by yourself.”

Betty´s song Meatfactory will be released in spring 2017 and is produced by Chrome Chainz, the production team affiliated to the well-known Sonic Vista Studios, that works with artists like Lady Gaga and 50 cent.

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