The Audition???

















My dear friend and Meatfactory member Bill Pacer has made his debut as a film director. Inspired by Meatfactory he wrote the script of “the Audition??” and directed it. His wonderful wife, actress LaDonna Allison, (you can find the CVs of both in the participating artists section) plays the lead, an arrogant diva at an audition that gets exposed and humiliated by her fellow actresses. You will recognize a lot of  the actresses, as they also appear in the Meatfactory Music Video (check it out and find Pixie Precious, Gracie Mitchell, Lesa Lace and Terri Stevens;-).

“Inspired by Betty Bauer, I looked at auditions/casting calls that seek look, not talent. With the actresses accepting humiliation and laughing about it—while the haunting experience lingers.” says Bill Pacer. Considering the Weinstein Scandal, Meatfactory and the Audition??? are more relevant than ever. “85% casting nothing to do with talent“, “I fucked 15 directors and all I got was road rash” and “I’s no wrong, it’s Hollywood” are just a few quotes selected from Pacer´s short film.

I wanna use this opportunity and thank Bill Pacer and LaDonna Allison for supporting me and #Meatfactory. Thank you for contributing this piece of art!

And now watch…and enjoy…







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