Meatfactory Interviews: Have fun with Ace Talkingwolf and Betty Bauer

I met Ace through my friend and “Meatfactory” executive-producer Bill Pacer. I asked Bill if he knew someone who could assist me with the props and the general look of the video. Bill directly thought that Ace would be the perfect person for that job.

I got in touch with Ace and let him listen to my song “Meatfactory”, in order to see if he would be interested in being part of the project. He directly loved the song and its message. I remember him mentioning that day that he was a big fan of “Die Antwoord” and that my song reminded him of their work. It was a great honor for me to hear such comparison, as I appreciate the work that “Die Antwoord” does. Ace also mentioned that he was into everything foreign, he described himself as a Xenophile and said that that´s why he loved my accent while speaking English. Later, when we got friends, I found out, that Ace was truly a Xenophile, and an extremely interesting and intelligent character who knew a lot about Asian ancient cultures and we had many subjects to talk about. Like with many other people involved in my project, we clicked directly. When I look back I can really feel how I was guided throughout the creation of “Meatfactory”, and how all these wonderful and talented people were just magically crossing my way.


Ace came up with so many ideas, I have to say that I was really impressed by his effort, his focus and the energy he brought in. He generously provided so many props and created such amazing things for the shoot.

On the day of the shooting he additionally turned into my personal assistant, he was the voice between me, the film team and the extras, and did a wonderful job. I wanted to find a way to express my gratitude to him and others, that gave me so much, so I created the “Meatfactory Interviews” Series. Ace and I had so much fun on the Interview shoot and even came up with the idea to make a Vlog together….;-)))) As always…we are never short of ideas!!!

A few weeks after the completition of “Meatfactory”, Ace surprised me with a wrote a wonderful song that he wrote for me. It was the first time in my life, someone did such a thing for me and I was deeply touched… I asked for his permission to share it here with you: Thank you, Ace, for your help, support and for you being you! You are wonderful! XXBetty


Acoustic By Ace

I like Betty…., She smiles when she sees me……
I like Betty…., When she eats feta cheese…..
I like Betty…, She never eats animals,
And even if we really don’t agree
Betty likes to drink matcha with me…….

When I’m sad she wonders why…….
Her charm you can’t deny…………
Maybe climb a mountain in dubai……
Knocking down the wall
Just… to… save… us… all……

 I like Betty….,she made me strong coffee
I like Betty….,she let me mess her hair up
I like Betty…, she really hates guns
And even if we really don’t agree
Betty likes to drink matcha with me…….

 When your sad she wonders why……..
Her charm you can’t deny…………
Maybe climb a mountain in dubai……
She’ll make “the Man” fall
Just… to… save… us… all……

 Betty….. lets me know …….
I could……. renew myself….
And…….. improve myself………………
Or lose myself ………………….
In it all……………….


I like Betty….,she growls when she sings
I like Betty….,she tells me lovely things
I love Betty…, reaching for the brass rings
And even if we really don’t agree
Betty loves to drink matcha with me…….




About Ace Talkingwolf

Ace designs and/or makes hand held props, costumes and accessories for photoshoots and events. Ace has been making props for years with independent films, web series, haunted houses, bands and published LARP books.

Born Adam Cristin Eberle (A.C.E.) he uses a stage name to identify himself. In 1996, Ace was attending a native American gathering, (he is 1/8th Cherokee), Ace was playing with 2 wolf cubs another group had brought. He was told that he would then on be known as Talking Wolf because of how the cubs seemed to understand him. Ace now uses “Ace Talkingwolf” as a professional name.

Ace has been a stage and screen actor(script and improv), a voice over and MC, he has even modeled for books and albums. However, he prefers to work behind the scenes.

Ace is a character that loves playing villains and comedic characters.




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