Behind the scenes of Meatfactory


My song and the music video are out…and now?? What is coming next? At the moment I am trying my best to get the video out there, and yeah, things are moving. At the same time I am working on my new song and on by first book (I have been working on my book since a year now, but Meatfactory came in my way;-)

Today I want to share with you a behind the scenes video that we produced with a part of the Meatfactory team, so you guys get more of an idea, what is really going on behind a shoot of a music video.


The music video is only three minutes long, but there is so much work involved if you really want to create a decent product. For me, the whole Meatfactory process took more or less 6 month. This involves not only the creation of the song and the video, but also the creation of the Blog, getting funds for my project, finding the right people to work with, always striving to get the best possible quality for the small amout of money I had.

In the end I see…it is worth to fight for your dream.

In the process, I had lots of moments where I nearly gave up, where I thought I need to go for less quality, as I cannot afford the good stuff. I made it in the end…thanks to my enduring, strong believe and the help of so many different people (check out the artists involved with Meatfactory here:

One thing I learned and aimed for with Meatfactory: ONLY IN UNION WE CAN BE STRONG!

As you know, I went to Atlanta, USA to shoot my music video. Many of you might ask themeselves, why? Why did she go so far?

Thing is, here in Europe things did not want to work out…I was faced with difficulties, met people, that did not match or understand my artistic vision, or did not want to translate it for the amount of money that I could offer. In Atlanta, my friend Bill Pacer and his wife Ladonna Allison helped me out with all their contacts, helped me to find the right locations, and also supported my vision of Meatfactory. I am strong, and that I can do a lot by myself, but we all need support and help in life. In America I got backing not only from Bill, but also from so many amazing people, and I want to take advantagr of this moment and say a big THANK YOU to the Atlanta community….YOU made this possible….YOU made my dream come true!

DSC_2939Jesse Scott Bryan did a wonderful job directing, I am so happy that I found a person, that could really understand my vision, translate it and bring it onto film.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me…

Also a big thanks to 7 stages and S&W ….. for providing us these wonderful locations!

So I leave you with the behind the scenes video and some yet unreleased pictures from the shooting day!

All the best and till very soon!








Sarah Avraham, Betty Bauer, Brian Jones and Bill Pacer

Warehouse shoot Atlanta

Warehouse shoot Atlanta: wonderful Kait Williams performing her suspension art

Bill Pacer and Sarah Avraham

Bill Pacer, Sarah Avraham and Ladonna Allison

at the scrapyard

at the scrapyard


aaahhh—I hurt myself…going to crazy here…but luckily Pixie is a nurse and took care of me…


favourite pose and toy!!!



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