Music Video World-premiere: “Meatfactory” by Betty Bauer

Betty Smashing TV Still from Meatfactory Video

Betty Smashing TVs – Still from Meatfactory Video

Actress, Rapper and performance artist Betty Bauer is sick of the entertainment industry’s regiment: With her song “Meatfactory” Betty Bauer is not only criticizing the superficiality of the entertainment industry, but of western society in general. In Capitalism – everything is about making money. We are constantly keeping ourselves busy in order to maintain a superficial appearance and image.  At the moment our system has reached it´s precipice – even human beings are treated just like another piece of meat. In this rush to accomplishing perishable objects and ideals, we have lost what is important and everlasting: real values, humanity, inner evolution, and growth.

The young actress wants to change that and help to empower humans to find individuality, happiness, and freedom.

“Meatfactory” is not only a song, but a rebellious movement that focuses on the liberation of women and humanity as a total, promotes Individuality, is absolutely non-conformist and aims to break the chains of society. “Meatfactory” ultimately directs to create a union of artists from all over the world, in order to create something bigger and more meaningful than one can do on their own. Betty Bauer finishes with banality and invites everyone to look inside of themselves, for what is real and never-changing.

With her new song – Betty crosses genres and creates a new form of music. Betty is  an all-round artist: The artist designes her own costumes, did the styling of herself and everyone appearing in the video, she was the make-up artist and also the art director. – Additionally, Betty wrote and produced Meatfactory, along with the treatment for the video.

“The day of the shooting was truly amazing. Everything worked out perfectly, Jesse Scott Bryan, the director of the video and his team were able to translate exactly what I wanted. I had so many people sharing and giving so much to me and Meatfactory that I was overwhelmed. That was actually my intention with Meatfactory: Creating a union of artists sharing and supporting each other. Yes, I think I really made that happen. Big thank you to everyone involved!”

Betty Bauer recorded “Meatfactory” at the infamous Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza, and Louis Henry Sarmiento and Jonathan Tessier from Chrome Chainz, affiliated to Sonic Vista Studios produced, mixed and mastered her song.

The talented filmmaker  Jesse Scott Bryan directed the Meatfactory Videoclip and supports the Meatfactory movement unconditionally.

Now sit back and enjoy this epic Video:


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