News from the creative train of Betty Bauer

The creative train of Betty Bauer is currently chugging along and advancing in high-speed:

Betty teamed up with talented photographer Pavel Rusakov ( and pulled out some amazing photoshoots. In the past weeks she went several times into the studio with Bill Pacer, director and producer Jesse Scott Bryan and several other artists, and shot interesting and definitely very entertaining footage, which will soon be released on Betty┬┤s Youtube channel.

Betty also started working on her second song, details will be revealed shortly.

At the same time she and her team are currently preparing the release of her single “Meatfactory”.
And…we are so happy to announce that we found support in this journey!
Maggie Denning from Effective Immediately PR will help Betty to spread the “Meatfactory”- message all over the US.
So from now on, for an US Media requests just contact Maggie:

Watch out on our news! Meatfactory will be released very soon!

Betty Bauer by Pavel Rusakov

Picture by Pavel Rusakov


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