F***ing Job! Natalia Imbrosciano for #meatfactory

“Being a woman in the industry means, that not only your studies and talent are going to be considered in the decision to select you for a role. Your beauty, your body and your way of behaving with men will actually determine if you get a job.”    Natalia Imbrosciano

I met Natalia in 2015, when I spent the (European) summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I liked her from the first moment. I watched her performing on stage of a small off theater in town, and caught myself not only admiring her talent, but also her beauty and integrity. My stay in Buenos Aires was an incredible experience, everybody was so welcoming and supportive, in very short time I got presented to mayor people in the Industry, had a few castings and starred in a short film. Natalia was my playing partner in that short and Santiago Fernandez Calvete, who directed Natalias contribution for Meatfactory, was the director and producer at that time. Natalia shared with me her contacts, her knowledge and her love, dragged me to castings and presented me to people. I truly appreciate her for that. When I started this Blog, she popped up in my mind, and I called her to ask if she wanted to participate. And here it is: A beautiful piece of art directed by Santiago Fernandez Calvete, starred by Natalia Imbrosciano. (Find out details about them in the participating artists section). Thank you to both of you, sending love to Argentina!


natalia imbrosciano for meatfactory

MEATFACTORY: Why do you work as an Artist?
NATALIA IMBROSCIANO: I love working as an actress, it is my passion, my soul, the air I breathe. If I cannot act I feel I can’t breathe… it´s as if I am drowning.
I think you live this life only once, you have only one chance to be what you want to be, to feel happy and make others happy. Acting gives me the opportunity of living several lives in one, it enriches my own life with the characters’ likes and opinions.

M: Do you feel that it is easy to work as an actor?
NI: It isn’t easy to work as an actress in Argentina, my country. We have a very small industry, and only a few well-known actors can work frequently. The others, just like myself, have to do moonlighting to make a living and then work as an actor in their free time. If you get a role in some well paid acting job, you have to quit your job for the time-span of the shoot. Once that amazing acting job is finished, you have to find another side job again. Buenos Aires has plenty of off- theaters, but due to the lack of paying audience, it is impossible to make a living out of theater acting only.

M: How is it like to be a woman on the market?
NI: Being a woman on this market means, that not only your studies and talent are going to be considered in the decision to select you for a role. Your beauty, your body and your way of behaving with men will actually determine if you get a job.
Being a woman sometimes makes me feel like an object, without any feelings or soul. Something others talk about as if you were only your body. They talk about your tits, your ass, your teeth, your legs, your mouth etc. only to have to get those pieces of you into their beds, they see women as a trophy. You, your thoughts and your way of creating this life don´t matter, the only thing about you are those separate parts of your body.

M: What are your thoughts about aging on the market?
NI: The younger you are, the more opportunities to work you will have. Aging is very difficult on this market. When you see yourself in something you have done when you were younger, and then you compare that image to the one you have now…. you feel bad. That angel face you had 10 years ago, is no more your face… and it will not be again.
I feel acting is a job where you can age and continue working. But you need self-esteem to do it. We should be happy with that, and grow up without changing our faces or bodies. It’s a great opportunity to embody aging characters. Those characters that have a life to share and thoughts to speak up. I hate those actresses who made plastic surgery to their faces to erase the wrinkles, that speak a lot of themselves.. those wrinkles that speak about their life and passions.

M: How does the external world (family, friends, acquaintances) support your life choice to be an artist?
NI: They support my life and decisions a lot. They come to see me whenever I do a play, they ask me questions, and are by my side to give me support when I don’t have a job.

M: Does success/ recognition matter to you, or would you also continue to do what you do if you wouldn’t get approval from the external world?
NI: I will continue to do what I do without any external approval, as only my heart’s opinion matters to me.


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