I am so excited! In one week we are finally going to shoot the video-clip of my song #meatfactory!!!

I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia USA and after being here for a week we found the wackiest location ever: an amazing scrapyard, just exactly how I imagined it to be!!! I am so happy, everything is turning out really well! I gathered an incredible team around me, from make up artists, prop and costume makers to extras, camera and production, everybody is really cool and professional.The #meatfactory family is indeed growing day by day, I can only be thankful to life and all these beautiful human beings. I feel very fortunate.

My producer and director Jesse Scott Bryan and my executive producer Bill Pacer are with me in this video-clip checking out the location.
The shooting will happen on April 9th 2017, and if you are from Atlanta and you wanna be an extra on a real film shoot get in touch and we might be able to squeeze you in somewhere!
Otherwise stay tuned as on April 9th actress LaDonna Allison will take over my Instagram account (Betty_Bauer) and Facebook (Facebook.com/Bettybaueribiza) and will go live throughout the shooting! We see you guys live on Sunday from the scrapyard and from Location number two that is still a secret….




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