Meatfactory Video-shoot: Betty Bauer in Atlanta, USA

The Meatfactory mission continues:

Betty Bauer is currently in Atlanta, US, to shoot the videoclip for her new song Meatfactory.
“I love the US and its people, I have a lot of friends and fans here that support me and my projects”, so the actress.
Betty recently finished the location scouting for the videoclip and she and her team are planning to shoot on April 9 2017.
“I am so happy to finally shoot the video for #meatfactory. I have been working on this project for months, and went through ups and downs with it. Now everything is solved and settled and I have an amazing team that I can count on. The clip will be outstanding,I am so happy and excited to show it soon to the whole world!” states Betty.
From April on you will find Bettys song on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Deezer and all other available streaming platforms. The videoclip will be uploaded to Betty Bauers Youtube Channel, dates will be released soon.

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