NO MORE SILENCE: Bibiana Schönhöfer for #meatfactory

“I am an actress, not a model!” Bibiana Schönhöfer

Bibiana is the first artist that I feature on my Vlog.

I met Bibiana at the rehearsal of a feature film in Spain. She was the film´s protagonist and I was one of the main characters, luckily we had a major scene together, that we rocked eventually. It was an amazing experience to play with her, every actor knows how it is to have a great acting partner who gives you energy and emotion to work with. By playing together we developed a connection and a friendship that is slowly growing out of this. Bibiana is extraordinarily talented, stands for what she is and fights for her beliefs. I admire that in her.
When I received the video that she submitted to #meatfactory, I was flattered and had instantly goose bumps. Her statement is so touching, she really speaks from deep down in her heart and the watcher can feel that and enter into her emotion.
Thank you, Bibiana, for supporting my cause as in reality it is not mine, but the cause of all artists and actors of this planet!

“My shout to the world is to the professionals, the directors, producers and casting directors: Start calling the unknown actors for the main roles. The gold is in front of you. The audience will see a person living and feeling.”

Bibiana Schönhöfer

MEATFACTORY: What is the reward for your work? What is your main motivation to work as an actor/artist?

BIBIANA SCHÖNHÖFER: For me, my work is a pleasure. I love to act. It makes me feel so good, it reminds me when I was a child, playing with my dolls or with my friends. Kids act all the time when they play, and actors play all the time when they work. Isn’t this amazing? It is very rewarding to always live playing while you work!

M: How is it like to be a woman on the market?

BS: It is very difficult, really… There are much more women than men in the profession. Don’t ask me why, but you can see it in any acting school. Between 60% and 75% are women. And the sad thing about it is that most of the main characters that are offered in theater, film or tv are for men.

M: What are your thoughts about aging on the market?

BS: I don’t have any problem at all with that. I’ve problems myself about getting old, yes, but it has nothing to do with my profession, the other way around: the older I get, I enjoy it more and more. Maybe I like less and less the close ups…

M: How does the external world (family, friends, acquaintances) support your life choice to be an artist?

BS: They support me a lot, mainly my boyfriend. They admire that I’m still here, trying and fighting, that I have not given up being an actress, despite the difficulties. They believe a lot in me. That really helps.

M: Does success /recognition matter to you, or would you also continue to do what you do if you wouldn’t get approval from the external world?

BS: After so many years of wondering to be someone in the film industry, I don’t think about it anymore, at least not as I used to. I’d love to work more often and in interesting works as possible, of course, and also, I’d love to be recognized for my work. I’m not asking that much. I don’t want to be famous, not at all. I just want to have the recognition that belongs to me because of my work.

Bibiana profile 2017

Are you an artist?
Do also wanna be featured by Betty Bauer and join the Meatfactory cause and family? Then don´t hesitate and get in touch!


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