Your life is your friend

copyright Betty Bauer

Life is always in our favor. Your life and the events happening in your life are your friends and your teachers.

Sometimes I ask myself why the general opinion in our society is, that life is a struggle. As a matter of fact, most of the people think they have to do something in order to be happy and to attract luck.
“Life is hard” is one of the most common sayings about life, even in a spiritual surrounding.
What if life wasn´t hard?
What if life was simply happening without prejudice or preference of events and it was us making it hard, as we are resisting lifes´ occurrences, especially the undesirable ones.
I am convinced that our natural emotional state is to be happy, and everything else is self-made.
Look at children, aren´t they naturally in a state of bliss?
They undergo all the emotional states, they get angry, they worry, they are jealous, but they don´t stick to any of those moods.
As soon as one emotion is experienced to its fullest, they usually go back to happy. Next. Adults have a tendency to stick to their emotional alterations, and usually it takes time to move back to center or neutral, which is happy.

Why do we perceive life as a struggle?
Everything, and I repeat EVERY-THING is happening in our favor. And the miracle is, it all happens in the favor of each and everyone. BAM! Take that!
If you could perceive your life like that, how would it be like?

We might not be able to see those blessings in the first place, and maybe even not in the second.
The only thing that we really have to do here on this earth, is to grow, and growth is happening constantly. Some people grow through suffering, some through addiction, some through relationship, some through spirituality, some grow slow, some grow fast, but we all grow.


In my life sometimes I want to alternate what happens to me.
I imagined life in a different way than it presents itself to me, and I am unhappy with the current events or results. I think ” fuck you life, now you give me this???Why???What did I do??”
And I struggle. But in the second the struggle ends, the second I get humble and let go, clarity appears and I know that everything is exactly in the place where it is meant to be. A perfect puzzle called creation.
As I am a workaholic, many times I think I need to put more work into my project in order to succeed, but life often has better ideas for me. That doesn´t mean my project won´t succeed, no, it simply means that now I need to do something else, and time will do the work for me. Or I need to do something else in order to meet someone new, who will bring me to another point in order to advance. Or… or… or…..endless options.
But sure is…this happens for the best. For my best. For the best of everyone else around me and everyone on this planet.
Because yes, we are not alone here, although sometimes we might get that impression. And what happens here is fucking perfect!!! Everything that happens is pure perfection, even if our limited mind can´t perceive it like this.
Now the naysayers will write me, Betty, how can you say that, what about wars? what about suffering and illness? how can you call this perfection? You have never really suffered from hunger, are in your warm home and lead a nice lifestyle, so it´s easy to make a statement like that.
And yes, I am very very lucky, its true.
But still, I dare to say that everything that happens to us, each and everything is happening in our favor.
Because we are not alone. All of us here together form an organism,, that makes the bigger picture. And within this cosmos, every little cell is taken care of, he or she or it gets exactly the experience he or she needs to go through.
Isn´t that marvelous? And yes, this is perfection (please read my earlier Blogpost about perfection).
We, everyone and everything existing on earth is perfection in itself.

So never downgrade yourself. You are worth a lot!
Never compare yourself to others, because you are unique and that is your strength,
and never, never ever, give up, especially not on you!
You can do anything you dream of!

copyright by Betty Bauer

Entertainment Industry can be tough and really harsh. People tell you how you should look like, people tell you how you should behave in order to succeed. Critics are painful and they don´t worry about the human behind the role or film, or the prize we paid to get there. Comparison is the daily business.
But you, you can plant this little seed and start believing in your unique self, no matter how old you are or how you look.

Even in the darkest moments of your life, even if u think nothing will ever change, I assure you, it will, and it will for good!!!
Ask older and wiser people. Every single one, no matter what they went through in life, will tell you one thing:

1. Everything will come different and
2. Than you expected it to be like.

So live with amazement, don´t be attached to the outcome of your journey, just wonder, wonder about the creation, what it came up with today and don´t value if it´s good or bad.
Because everything good carries a bad and vice versa…thats why our reality is called duality…


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This Article is dedicated to my dear friend and amazing actress Emma Morgan, who supports me, believes in me and stands with me holding my hand no matter how strong the storm might be! I love you, Thank you!




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