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Why are we always in a rush?

Let´s be honest: Every human being, taking out the few enlightened ones that also move on this planet, is aim-oriented.
Let´s face it: It is the bitter taste of our existence. Everybody talks about living moment to moment, but least people are actually able to realize it, in fact it´s one of the most difficult things to master in this life-existence.

Sometimes we are blessed and get a glimpse of understanding the whole and being really present. But around the corner already waits the next aim and the time schedule.
Society is not especially helpful in changing this attitude. And the bitter taste comes with age: Once aim-oriented life has passed by like a high-speed train we get wiser and slow down, at least some of us, as we realize that in life there is nothing to reach, we are already there.


copyright Betty Bauer

But why not try to decelerate now?
Take a minute and be honest with yourself: Aren´t you aim-oriented in just everything you do?
Cooking, your lover, your kids, your business, even with friends and your weekend organization, everything has to come out like we imagine it to be, and if not, we are disappointed. And yes, human being is constantly being disappointed, sometimes more and sometimes less, but (nearly) on a daily basis. We mainly disappoint ourselves. If we don´t reach what we want, if we can´t reach our aims in the timeframe we set, or even if we go to do sports and aren´t as good as we wished.
Moment to moment, from disappointment to disappointment.

In life, I have a tendency to gallop. I have been successfully managing western society due to this strength. Mainly I am faster than others, understand quickly and run up front. Sometimes to such a level that even my friends tell me that they feel threatened by my speed and power. In terms of my spiritual evolution, this so called strength has been my weakest point and my main topic to work on. Staying in the moment, not running, thinking backward instead of frontward in order to be actually where I am, considering things before reacting, “sitting things out”, just watch and let life take the reins.

With my current project, I observe myself a lot and I perceive Meatfactory as a big learning lesson that I gave to myself. Often I run, I want things to turn out exactly how I imagined them to be like and of course, I want them NOWWWW!!
But then life stops me. Actually, life stops me constantly and I am grateful for it, as it makes me slow down, and reconsider. And no, just because things don´t work out my way I won´t quit….I have learned that. I will make adjustments on the way, re-orientate myself on the map, wait till the storm has passed and then continue walking…till I eventually run again…and when I am too fast I stop, breathe, reconsider and start walking again.
I know now that patience, constancy, and flexibility will after all lead me to my goal.
What was that again? goal?

Here and now.

copyright Betty Bauer


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