At the recording studio in Ibiza





On Thursday I recorded my song Meatfactory at Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza.

The experience was unique and truly amazing. I recorded with Henry Sarmiento, the head of the production Team Chrome Chainz, which is based at Sonic Vista Studios.

We spent several hours in the studio, where pure magic and music happened. I really love the act of recording and I have to admit that I am already addicted! I definitely want more! The work in the studio is intense and highly creative. Everybody is well prepared and there is an awareness that within a few hours a piece must be brought to an end. Energy is dense. By playing and singing with different characters and voices, I could include my acting skills in my song, that was so much fun.

This track will be totally rocking! When I left the Sudio at night I felt like if I was on drugs and that blissful state lastet for a few hours. Art is my drug and collaboration between artists is just one of the most beautiful things to do on this planet. If two or more human beings work together on an artistic piece alchemy can happen and amazing art is born.

This fantastic recording experience reinforces me and my meatfactory cause…union between artists, creating together with no limits or censorship. AMEN

Ps.: Team Atlanta had yesterday (Sunday) the first shooting day for the Meatfactory videoclip…I am so ecited to see the footage! Will sjare with you behind the scenes pics asap!



copyright Betty Bauer sonicvista studios

copyright Betty Bauer sonicvista studios

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