Recording Meatfactory Song in Ibiza


Today is the day!!!

I am now on my beloved island Ibiza, which I call my home. Every time that I am here I recharge my batteries, hang out with my family and friends and find peace by being in nature. This island is definitely one of the most special places that our planet has to offer. It is pure magic.

That’s why I am very happy that I will record my song “Meatfactory” here on the island, as the production team I work with, Chrome Chainz, is based here. Later today I will go to record my song at Sonic Vista Studios. Henry Sarmiento is the head of Sonic Vista and really a genius in what he is doing. He and his team have been working for acts like Lady Gaga, 50 cent, Goldfrapp, Pet Shop Boys just to name a few.

Yesterday and today I have been exercising my voice and tried to speak less to allow my vocal cords to rest (although this part ha been difficult as I am in the middle of organizing million things for #meatfactory) Before recording it´s best to not eat any dairy products, as they can provoke mucus. Yesterday I went to bed early in order to be in great shape today! I feel ready and well prepared.

In the meantime, on the other side of the planet, Team Atlanta is preparing a big day of shooting. On Sunday they are supposed to shoot two major scenes for the #meatfactory video clip. I write supposed, as the weather forecast says, there might be a Tornado passing by Atlanta on Sunday, and we might have to postpone shooting. Fingers crossed that nature will be on our side and everything will happen smoothly. Amazing Jesse Scott Bryan will be filming and directing the shooting, artist Josh Puck Allen and his crew will be “playing” a big role in the video (won´t tell you any details, but I tell you his work is truly amazing!!). Bill Pacer and his wife LaDonna Allison, two great actors, writers, and producers, are head of the production in Atlanta. They will be posting live videoclips on Sunday via their twitter Accounts:

If you live in the US and are interested in participating in the Atlanta (Georgia) shooting don´t hesitate to get in touch with them or me, extras and a camera team, for behind the scenes (we plan to make a short out of the behind the scenes, so everyone can get IMDb credit) are still needed!


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