Letting go

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Letting go of diverse things seems to be one of the main features that you have to acquire not only to be in flow with life, but also in order to bring projects to an end, without suffering from stress or even burnout.
If you are in a leading or managing position, creating your own enterprise or even a low-scale project, you surely have a million ideas in mind from day one, and you have to try to realize them in order to see what works out and what doesn’t.
Sometimes though, you pressure yourself, because you might have shared your ideas with other people, who you think expect you to fulfill them. Still, I think it´s not a solution to not share what you do or plan. And also it’s not a solution to try to stick to all of your ideas, even if life is showing you that you can´t realize them all.
Personally, I always thought of myself as “the queen of letting go”.
In my life, I did radically let go of many things and I consider that as one of my major strengths, as I see that people around me tend to have huge difficulties with that act. It might be even generally one of the main issues of human existence: We hold on to old friendships, that we might have outgrown, we hold on to relationships that are actually not working anymore, we stick to jobs that make us unhappy and lifestyles that we wish to change, but feel impotent and overwhelmed by all the work and time that we would need to invest in order to change. It takes guts to change and to let go, and it`s definitely not for the lazy ones.

Buddha declared that “Decay is inherent in all component things”, so according to him, nothing in this earthly existence is fixed and permanent, every thing is subject to change and alteration. That’s why Buddha compared life to a river: composed of many pieces, ever-changing, moving from cause to cause and never the same, even from one second to the other. This philosophy is even applicable on a cellular level: Cell divisions take place constantly and continuously,  old cells die, and new cells are born nonstop.
It seems to me that impermanence and change are the undeniable truths of our existence.
In my case, I am currently working on one of the biggest projects I have so far realized in my life. I am not only the main performing artist and songwriter but also the projects producer, the right hand of the producer, the host of a blog, the content writer of a blog, the sponsor and artistic director, costume designer and organizer of nearly everything. Apart from that, my project is involving people from four countries and two continents. I would never complain, as this is exactly what I want to do right here, right now, and I enjoy every second of it. I meet amazing new people, people that are inspiring, creative, reliable and admirable. But I also meet people that disappoint me and let me down. For those, I know, I have to be especially thankful, because they carry the biggest learning for me. To be complete in life, we need both: comfort and learning. Being happy and joyful but not missing the lessons, as growth is the most important thing as a human being.
So I had to let go of a lot of things lately: schedules, ideas, booked flights, expectations, illusions and visions, stress, money and time, but more than anything I learn to adjust to what life gives me. I try to be in the flow, as moving with the flow is comforting and in my opinion, leads you slowly but surely to your desired and destined destination. If stress occurs, I know that I am pushing too hard. If things don’t work out as I wanted or imagined, I go back to my cave and reconsider the situation. That might significate that I need to take some days off, get a new perspective and then continue with my batteries charged.

Nowadays it’s easy to run into burnout and we have to take care of ourselves. A friend of mine is a young and very successful Blogger. When I meet her she is always texting, posting and multitasking. On Christmas, I met her and she told me that she had suffered a pre-stadium of burnout. She just turned 30.
Yes, even privacy becomes public and is also part of your job nowadays. It never stops, it’s a 24-hour existence. When Europe sleeps the US is awake and in order to heighten your reach you need to be always posting and be online. The public wants to see who you are when your phone is off. That’s why we have to be on the qui vive, make the phone off from time to time, take some distance from the world and just be present at the place, where your body is actually parked.

Success doesn´t need to be stress. Success doesn´t need to be pushing. What is there to reach in the first place? What are you pushing towards?
Success means keeping your goal in mind and go step by step. Life also fixes things by itself, don´t take yourself too important. Success means trust. Success means letting go and coming back. If you are on the road, don´t miss the ride. Stop. Take a breath. Let go.


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