An actress, a close friend of mine, had been preparing for weeks for a Casting which was held today.

After she finished her performance, the Casting director took her to the side and told her, that one of her roles was close to perfection, and that he was happy to tell her, that she scored the job. She called me directly after the casting and told me from her experience. Hearing this from a Casting director is really a huge compliment, and I was so happy for her, she well deserved getting the role.

Now this makes me wonder:

What is perfection?

Does perfection actually exist, and if yes, where is it, or where does it come from?

Does perfection lie exclusively in the eye of the beholder or is it a general criteria that one can work towards?

I guess that if perfection really existed, it would be impossible to reach, as we are so different as individuals, and in terms of acting, each performance or interpretation of each actor is unique and different. So if perfection does exist, it actually needs to be written in Plural, because if we are 7.5 billion people on this earth, then there must logically exist 7.5 billion perfections, as each indidivuum must be able to reach their own stage of perfection.
Maybe, after all, the observer holds on to his perception of perfection and the humans around him can try to reach up to his perfection. Sometimes visions might match, but mostly not. But are performances, that don´t reach the beholders´ expectation, less perfect than perfect, only because they don´t match this one possible draft of perfection?

In terms of art I feel that it is difficult to talk of perfection.
Assuming that each of us has a potential ranging from mediocre to perfection, when do we know that we have reached our individual perfection? Is perfection actually the aim of art? Wouldn´t that produce a lot of stress? Is the seeking after perfection maybe even one of the main causes why so many people nowadays suffer from burnout?

I often heared of the theory that you can call yourself Master of your craft, if you practise one thing for more than 10.000 hours. This seems to be true, but many people also prove different. Sometimes divine inspiration just enters in a seemingly imperfect moment, and a perfect piece is created without much effort at all, whereas at other times you can practise for years and the results won´t be the ones desired. Can be that perfection, just like everything else in life, is just an accident, a random thing to occur.

Talking about Beauty everything is about perfection. Especially women seem to run after a beauty ideal so- called perfection, until the day they realize that their body has aged so much, that they have to give up and in…Finally they can relax and must accept who they are. Some females of course never do, and are unhappy all the way till they die. Could be that perfection is something invented by an industry, in order to sell more products, as they well know, that perfection is impossible to reach.

So I wonder, is perfection maybe a standart, that only the divine, but not a human can reach?
But assuming that humanity is made up of the divine, human being should already be perfect by nature, and all his deeds would perfect in itself.

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